Ant Killer

The best ant killers!

Ants are the perfect scavengers, they scout all the time, the workers don’t leave the hideout until the food is found and they never wander in masses; go straight to food in the form of a queue, grab some of it and take it back to the colony and when the food source is depleted or taken away, they go back to the colony till new food source is found. It is unfortunate that the food left unattended and the food debris on the kitchen shelves and floor attracts the ants and they thus infest human houses causing annoyance and nuisance.

Sometimes when the infestation becomes heavy, goes out of control and starts causing trouble, killing the ants becomes necessary. They ways of human and ant society have been crossing each other since the dawn of mankind and humans have developed methods of getting rid of ants. And today, in the modern world, there are commercial ant killers available to deal with the ants.

Commercially Available Anti-Ant Products

  • TERRO PreFilled Liquid Ant Killer Baits are designed to kill all the ants in any area infested. These are disposable, ready-to-use baiting stations, filled with borax infused sugary solution that attracts the ants and kills them before they have a chance to enter the house. The portable plastic containers pack the liquid such that is secure and evaporation resistant on the inside so maximum killing activity can occur.
  • Ultrasonic Pest Repeller emits ultrasonic sounds that cannot be heard by humans but are unbearable for ants, mosquitos, spiders, fleas and even rodents. The device plugs into any electric outlet and starts working right away. Though it takes around a fortnight for it to thwart all the pre-existing pests but once all set, no pest can be seen in the house.
  • Catchmaster Pantry Pest Traps are easy to use cards that can be folded and placed in the pantry to catch and neutralize all moths that you may have brought from any store with the food. Sometimes pet food and dry foods have moth infestations but this commercial trap uses a pheromone lure along with some glue to attract and stick the unwanted pests. Ants and other small insects can also be captured and be disposed of.
  • Home Sentinel can be plugged in any electric outlet to defend up to 500 square feet of area against almost all the usual pets one might expect. The built in ultrasonic emitter, electromagnetic emitter and ionizer repel insects, arachnids, rodents and even bacteria in the air.


Natural Ant Repellants

There are many natural objects in the house that are not intended to be used as ant repellants but can be used for such purposes.


Vinegar has acetic acid in it which can be sprayed on the surfaces around the house entrances so it reacts with pheromones released by scout ants and rendering useless so the trail goes cold and the worker ants return to colony without even entering the house; similar results can be seen with soap solution.

Chalk, Cinnamon, Diatomaceous

Chalk files the joints, cinnamon corrodes the exoskeleton and diatomaceous earth dries the ants so even a line around the entrances can thwart the scouts.


Plants like peppermint, eucalyptus, basil and lavender release scents that ants could confuse with pheromones of ant predators or rival colony so they don’t enter the vicinity of plants; same effect can also be achieved using essential oils of plants.


Ants can be repelled out of the houses by engaging them outside; give them a sugary fluid outside the house so they never enter the inside.


Home Remedies to get rid of ants

Getting rid of ants is not magic, it is simple science and once understood, you too can devise home remedies to kill ants or thwart them out of the house. The ants can be gotten rid of by either driving them away from the house or by killing them radically while targeting their queen.


The ants can be fed caffeine laden used coffee grounds to slowly poison them and eliminate them.


Wheat based cereals like farina can be intentionally left out so the ants take them to their colony and eat them which will cause their stomachs to expand, distend and finally burst essentially killing all the queens of the colony.

Boiled Detergent

If war has to be waged against the ants, there are ways to locate the colony; leave sweet treats for ants out with baby powder encircling them, and the tracks left by ants on the powder will point towards the general direction of the colony and when you do the same procedure at least three different locations, you can triangulate the location of the colony and once you confirm its presence there, you can mix soap, detergent or dishwashing liquid in water, boil the solution and pour the boiling concoction down the ant colony entrance.


Ant Traps

Ant traps employ simple logic to trick ants into consuming poison laden foods so instead of returning back to the colony with foods, they die.

Scouts locate food and mark the path leading to it with pheromones and the workers start gathering it, if it is liquid, they ingest it and regurgitate when back to the colony but when they ingest borax infused liquids, they just die.

Some traps employ slow acting poisons like indoxacarb with solid food granules that ants can carry back to the colony where all the larvae, workers, soldiers and even the queen consume it and the whole colony diminishes in just a day.

Commercial ant traps are available online to placing near to the colony or where the ants are usually seen. If commercial ant traps cannot be attained, homemade natural traps can also be used against the ants which can prove just as effective as any commercial grade trap. Borax can be bought cheap from any local store and can be dissolved in sweet solutions to attract and kill ants, place the solution in a box with small holes and even trap their lifeless bodies inside for easier handling.