Ant Traps

Ants are very versatile scavenging insects, they live in advanced colonies with no-nonsense division of labor that makes them extremely efficient at whatever they do, and what they do is attacking any food item they encounter, shred it to pieces with their mandibles and take it back to the colony.

The ants are seen in two forms; the queue and the single wandering ant. The single ants are scouts that wander everywhere in search of food and once they find it, they report it to the workers of the colony using pheromones. Ant traps work by manipulating the food gathering process of ants and delivering poison to the colony.

Ant traps work in two steps;

  • During the first step, the ant traps lure the ants. Most modern ant traps are made of plastic, and have ant attracting food in it. The ants can go in the trap and can pick up the food material; they can easily take the food out of the trap and can easily carry it back to the colony.
  • The point of the trap is not feeding the ants but delivery, of the poison infused in the feed, to the colony. Some chemicals like Borax are extremely toxic to the ants; they are infused in the feed within the trap. The ants take the food to the colony and the whole coly feasts on it; including the queen. The actual action of commercial ant traps occur after this; the death of the whole colony.

The Best Ant Traps Out There

  • Hot Shot MaxAttrax Ant Bait contains 0.05% Indoxacarb as an active ingredient and 99.95% other materials including feed binders, sugars and artificial sweeteners. This ant trap is very efficient in its action; capable of killing the whole colony in just 24 hour plus it is safe to use around children and pets because the four bait stations on the trap are built with strong plastic allowing outdoor and indoor uses. MaxAttrax uses resilient and strongly toxic chemicals that last up to 3 months and is capable of even fighting the worst infestations.
  • TERRO Outdoor liquid Ant Bait uses liquid solution of borax. The liquid within the bait station consists of sweet fluid that attracts the ants and borax that kills them. The plastic body is resilient and also prevents the fluid from drying out; this commercial ant trap attracts and kills all the ants before they enter the house. Though the product is fixed onto the ground using piercing stakes, it can be harmful to children if they drink the fluid within.
  • TERRO PreFilled Liquid Ant Killer Baits are packed and prefilled disposable borax solution containers with intelligent patented drip-proof design that also restricts evaporation of the fluid inside. These are portable ant killing stations that can be placed anywhere you want the killing to happen.
  • Combat source kill has the most potent active ingredient; Fipronil, which can kill ants and roaches alike. The toxin is slow-acting and allows the insects to carry it back to the colony so the solution occurs radically. Most of the deaths occur at the colony so you do not have to deal with the bodies.

Natural Ways to Make Ant Traps

Learn how to make your own ant traps with cheap product that you already own!

Honey or Sugar Solution

Honey or sugar solution can be infused with baking soda or borax to make a natural ant trap. You can place the concoction in a small box and make small holes in it such that the ants enter easily but face difficulty finding their way out. That way; you can simply empty the box in garbage without having to deal with the dead ant husks.

Infused Wheat Dough

You can make small granular feed by making wheat dough infused with sugar, honey and borax. Work the mix into small granules; it is easier to make flat, larger, dried pieces and then crush them into smaller ones. This toxic feed will serve as ant bait when spread outside the house or piled near the colony.

Cornmeal and Uncooked Farina

You can use cornmeal and uncooked farina in your home made natural ant traps; they both are safe to use and both cannot be digested by ants. Cornmeal clogs the stomach of ants while farina expands in it causing it to burst, killing the ants.


Used coffee grounds are garbage anyway, they can be used to make natural homemade ant traps by infusing some sugar solution onto the ground and then placing it where the ants are usually seen. The ants will take the particles inside the colony and will die of caffeine toxicity over the next few weeks.