How to get rid of ants in the kitchen

If you have ants as pests, you must already know that they have no intent of being there except for the food; ants need food, and they have to get it back to the colony to feed the queen, the larvae, the soldiers and themselves.

The best place in a human house to get food is the kitchen where there is always some food debris on the floor, on the shelves, in the jars and also in the garbage. In nature, ants are survivalists that take any food they can find; they use their powerful mandibles to divide it into small pieces that they can carry then take it to the colony. Usually it not easy to find the colony, it can be outside the house or within the walls.

How Ants Operate and why the kitchen?

Ants are truly social insects and have their duties divided; the queen lays eggs, the soldiers protect the colony from invasions and the workers work to maintain the colony. There are specialized workers that go out in search of food; the scouts, they locate food and go back to the colony leaving a pheromone trail for the workers to follow.

Scout ants are ubiquitous; they disperse everywhere, these are the few ants you see wandering just about everywhere in the house trying their luck of finding any food, the greatest success they get is from the kitchen where they start a trail from a food source and lead it to the colony and the worker ants there follow the trail back to the food.

This is why the ants come into the kitchen.

Ants Are Pests and Pests Cause Problems

In the kitchen, any food left in the open will get attacked by the ants when you are asleep because of the nocturnal nature of most ant species.

Unwashed jam and honey jars, unwashed dishes, unwiped shelves, the cookie fragments on the floor and the sugar granules near the stove all invite the ants and they come by the hundreds to each invitation. Food spoilage and nuisance is caused by ants and sometimes when provoked, they can even attack and bite humans. Different ant bites can range from a mere touch feeling to felling of being shot depending on the specie.

Because of many reasons, it becomes important to rid the house, especially the kitchen, off of ants.

Riddance; Simplified

There are ways to keep ants from entering your house and kitchen, there are ways to keep the scouts from reaching food, there are ways to disorient the workers and then there are ways to exterminate the ants.

The severity of action is based on the severity of ant infestation and when everything fails, killing the ants becomes the only viable option.

Decoy them

Prepare and place sugary solutions near the colony so they could find food near the colony and never have to travel any farther. For this method to work, the location of the colony must be known. Most of the time, Colonies can be located through the geometric method of triangulation; place sweet food items at different places around the house and encircle them with baby powder, the trails left by the ants in the powder will give you the general direction of the colony.

Get Clean

Ants enter the kitchen for the food there is, and when there is none available for them, they will never enter it. Clean the honey jar, dishes, shelves, pack the garbage and the food packets. Let there be no food residue and there would be no ants to come after it

Deter them

Block all the small creaks and crevices that ants can take to enter the house, when there is no way for the ants to enter, there will seldom be any ants in the kitchen. Seal or caulk the window bottoms, and discourage the ants from entering. Citrus fruit juices and peels can also deter the ants entering the kitchen premises.

Discombobulate them

Use vinegar solution, soap solution or essential oils of plants to mess with their sense of smell so the trails left by the scouts goes cold and no worker could follow it back to the food.

Kill them

Kill the ants entering the kitchen by setting up a trap containing a sweet fluid infused with any poison so you could save your kitchen from infestation.

Kill the colony

Kill the colony by placing a boric-acid or baking-soda infused treat for the ants in your kitchen. Let the worker ants leave with the treat, boric acid is toxic to ants and soon all of them; including the queen will die; now that is good riddance.