Home Remedies for Ants

Only the social animals thrive in this world; humans, being social are the most successful of all the animals.

This success does not matter in the modern age because of superior intellect of mankind but there are other animals that are social and have succeeded in maintaining their society to thrive in all conditions and when two successful societies compete for one resource, war happens.

Fighting Ants


Even though humans are very advanced in terms of technology the war against ants seems to be un-winnable. Ants are very resilient and do not even care for their own lives when it comes to protection of the colony. They have division of labor in the colony, and there are ants with an objectives like defense, reproduction or foraging as their sole purpose of existence.

Ants are ubiquitous in the whole world; and it is their cosmopolitan nature that they can adapt to any condition in the world. Humans are also ubiquitous and adaptive, humans make houses for the intent to call them homes but ants tag along and scavenge for any food material left out by humans in their houses, especially in the kitchen. When ants infest a house or an area, they cause food spoilage and nuisance. Most of the time it is possible to keep them from entering the house but sometimes it becomes essential to wage war against them. Over the past millennia, humans have been fighting ants and have come across many home remedies for ants.

Home Remedies to Tackle Ant Infestation

Ants are arthropods, meaning they have their skeletons outside the body and if you attack this “exoskeleton” you have a good chance of thwarting them away.


Extending thick lines of chalk across the entrances of your house, the window borders, cracks and crevices will stop the ants from coming through, if any ant happens to cross the chalk barrier, it will get covered in the small calcium-carbonate skeletons of unicellular protists that the chalk is made up of. These microscopic skeletons will get stuck between the joints of the ants and will file them causing intense damage to ants and possible death. Cinnamon is similarly corrosive and diatomaceous earth is desiccating in action.

Simply make a thick line with your desired material and rid your house of ants.

Cut the Pheromon Trail

It is the specialized workers; scouts, that wander everywhere in search of food and when they hit on any food item, they start secreting pheromones and head for the colony and this creates a trail for the worker ants to follow. If you remove this pheromone trail or disperse acidic solution on the pathways, the worker ants will either lose their way or will damage their antennae due to contact with acid and go back to the colony. This can be done in many ways:

  • Make a fifty percent solution of vinegar and spray or spread on the pathways, the scent of pheromones will be disrupted.
  • Make a soap solution and spray the pathways or the scouts directly, this can disrupt the smell and can also kill the ants.
  • Make a formulation of peppermint essential oil in a sponge or cotton ball and place it near the pathway, this will confuse the ants between the scents and they will retreat.
  • Use citrus fruit peels and juices to make suspensions to spray the pathways to disrupt the pheromone scent.

The Right Food

Food is what they come for, food is what they will take but you can control what food they take. Ants are small creatures and have a limited gastric enzyme system; there are certain foods which the ants eat but cannot digest.

  • Corn meal is very safe to use if you have little children or pets in the house. The cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin that the corn meal is made from is indigestible in the ant stomachs; just place some of it where ants are seen frequently and let them take it to the colony.
  • Use uncooked farina; let ants take it to the colony where they will eat it and it will expand in their stomachs which will kill them.
  • Used coffee bean grounds have caffeine in them. Caffeine will slowly act on the ants, slowly killing them over a few weeks.
  • Boric acid can be found in any pharmacy at cheap price and it is extremely toxic to ants; if you infuse it in any food and leave it out, ants will take it to the colony and will die; even the queen.


Create diversions for ants by setting up decoys around the house. The idea is that if a scout finds a food source near to the colony, the colony will engage in attacking it and will never travel to the house. You can dissolve some sugar or honey in water and place it outside the house as close to the colony as possible. This is the easiest and surest home remedy for ants.

Track the Colony

Full scale war can be waged against the ants; killing them manually is usually the option if all else fails. The best home remedy to kill the colony is first locating the colony and second terminating it. You can scout against the ants and track them to find where they are coming from and then you can pour boiling water down the colony entrance killing every single one of them almost immediately.